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Uranium Industry a.s. is a Czech company which is the majority shareholder of Gurvansaikhan LLC, a joint venture engaged in geological exploration of uranium deposits in Mongolia and is the owner of four mining licenses covering an area of 28.5 hectares


Technical and commercial feasibility studies compiled by world-class experts (Denison Mines, Kazatomprom, Institute of High Technology) confirm significant uranium reserves of 170+ mlbs U3O8 (65,500 tU) at various stages of exploration.

Mining licences and geological conditions allow the use of the most economically efficient mining methods such as ISL (In Situ Leaching) and HL (Heap Leaching). The estimated project cash cost is below USD 20/lb.

The project has the full support of the Mongolian government as an important FDI

The project has all the permits and is now about to start

Preliminary geological investigations, laboratory tests, feasibility studies, environmental impact studies and detailed engineering and construction designs have been completed

There is an offtake agreement with a major customer

Suppliers of technology and equipment are selected

Uranium market developments suggest strong uranium demand and price growth over the next decade